☐ 2D World-Rotating Puzzle Platformer

I’m having a bafflingly difficult time trying to find a game. Around a decade ago (~2005~2010), there was a 2D platformer that involved a square maze and you had to rotate the world to alter gravity so that you could get to different areas. I recall there were colored (RGBY) keys and/or buttons to press to unlock doors.

If I recall correctly, the story was something like your sister is trapped in a dream and you need to rescue her from sleep (or maybe you play the sister and have to rescue a brother or something).

I thought it was Grief but it’s not that (it has a similar grayish pallet and some atmosphere like weather but Grief doesn’t involve rotating the world).

I’m fairly sure that the “world” is a cube that you can rotate, but you only play on one side at a time.

I’ve tried searching with numerous permutations of query terms, but have come up empty. 😕 Does anyone know what this game is called?

I’ve mocked up a screenshot:

Mockup of unknown 2D puzzle platformer
What is this 2D world-rotating puzzle platformer?