☐ Girl Ghost Haunting a Well

I remember seeing a movie when I was young which I am fairly sure was a Disney movie (possibly because I remember seeing the Disney logo, or perhaps just because it was on a Sunday night when Disney movies usually aired).

I remember that it was basically about a girl who had fallen down a well (which from what I remember was inside a barn) and died, and now her ghost was haunting the farm. She was harassing a boy who eventually solved her death which I guess must have set her spirit free. I remember that her ghost glowed a bright green.

It was pretty creepy and I still feel chills when I think about it. I have seen descriptions of a couple of movies that are good candidates for this movie, but have not confirmed it. What movie is it?

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  1. I believe this is the 1978 Disney movie Child of Glass, but the screenshots I can find show the ghost-girl glowing blue, not radioactive-green like I remember. I’ll have to find a copy and watch it to see if the inside of the well is the way I remember it and if the boy also fell down there and if the ghost kept him company until help came.

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