Biden won the election because logic

Biden has increased his lead over Trump which means it’s pretty much over; Biden wins. Even if there are a lot of mail-in ballots to be counted, they’re only going to help Biden increase his lead because let’s face it, more people who voted by mail-in ballot voted for Biden than Trump, so as those get counted, it’s not going to help Trump. It’s not really a “nail-biter” at all, if anything, it’ll be at least a little bit of a landslide (which is just as well because it’s not enough for Trump to lose, he has to lose by a lot to deflate his ego because it’s gotten so big it actually has a gravitational pull).

One thought to “Biden won the election because logic”

  1. Currently (two days after the election), the results are pretty much frozen and the remaining states are taking forever to be counted. Biden has 253 electoral college points and Trump has 213. Once Biden takes Nevada and Arizona, he’ll have exactly 270 and be the winner, which is exactly why Trump is fighting Arizona because the difference between them is 70,000 votes and 11 EC points are on the line. In that case, Biden should fight Georgia with its 16 EC points since the difference between them is even smaller (20,000 votes).

    The best part about this election is Washing D.C. whose votes are 93% Biden, 5% Trump. The capital where Trump actually works hates him, they absolutely despise his guts. 😂

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