Bad Quality Ambivalence

After watching last week’s episode of Supernatural, I got in the mood of watching some horror movies. I decided to get around to watching some of those cheap straight-to-video B-movies that are on the second page of the video store flyers.

I’ve watched about four of the dozen or so that I’ve decided to check out. So far, they are all as bad as I expected. (To be honest, I have quickly previewed several of them to watch the no-budget amateur ones first and save the better ones for later.)

Then this weekend I saw that episode of Seinfeld where George and Jerry are offered a pilot for their show about nothing. I took notice of the scene where George is trying to convince Jerry that turning NBC down was part of his negotiating tactic, but Jerry explains to him how a network gets hundreds of manifests but produce less than five pilots.

It occurred to me that the low-budget, no-budget B-movies and bad television shows that get cancelled quickly are the same thing. On the one hand, they are both terrible and most people would jump to bagging on them, possibly deservedly so. On the other hand, these awful productions at least allow people who are not Steven Spielberg’s nephew, or Brad Pitt’s neighbor an opportunity to do a little work in the industry.

Yes, they are bad, but they give nobodies a chance.