Hollywood recycles actors in recycled plots

It’s no secret that Hollywood is loathe to do anything novel and is obsessed with remakes, but they also make “new” movies by recycling plots as well, even if they’re not direct remakes. But they’re so loathe to do anything new, that they’ll even go so far as to reuse the same actors when they recycle plots.

In 2003, Dennis Quaid starred in the movie Cold Creek Manor, in which he played a man who bought a house that was foreclosed on by the bank and seized from Stephen Dorf’s character, but Dorf’s character wouldn’t accept it and refused to leave and terrorized the new owner and his family.

In 2019, Dennis Quaid starred in the movie The Intruder in which he played a man who sells his house to a man (played by Michael Ealy) and his wife, but then refuses to leave and terrorizes them.

I expect Michael Ealy to star in a movie in 2035 as a man who refuses to leave his old home and terrorize the new owners. ¬_¬

Screenshot from “Cold Creek Manor” with Dennis Quaid and Stephen Dorf
Cold Creek Manor (2003)
Screenshot from “The Intruder” with Dennis Quaid and Michael Ealy
The Intruder (2019)