Eminem Sampled E Nomine?

There has been a familiar tune in some television commercials recently that I could not place, though I was sure it was either Nightwish, E Nomine, or Eminem (yes, you read that correct). I spent the past hour scouring their respective discographies. I made my way through Nightwish without any success. I got about half-way through Eminem’s when I found Music Box which is ~90% correct. I then worked my way through E Nomine’s albums, feeling like I was getting closer and closer until I hit Das Rad des Schicksals which was what I was looking for.

What is surprising is that it seems like Eminem sampled E Nomine’s song:

I suppose it’s no surprise that Google finds no pages where other people have mentioned noticing this since the demographics of the two groups tend not to overlap too much.

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