Somehow the topic of public nudity came up recently. Naturally—no pun intended—I though of the law that was passed in Ontario (Canada) in the mid-90’s that made it legal for women to go topless (wherever men can go topless that is).

It was a big deal and stirred up quite a bit of controversy, but it passed because the court decided that forbidding women to be topless where men are allowed is tantamount to sexual discrimination.

I recall that I (and my classmates, and almost all other adolescent boys) were excited at the prospect of seeing plenty of boobs. However even though I was young and fresh hormones were doing their thing, I still knew that the reality was that we probably wouldn’t be seeing much, and even less worth seeing.

As it turns out, I was right. Just because they were allowed to be topless, didn’t mean that females would suddenly be going everywhere half-naked. I’ve heard that there was a brief surge that summer (probably just in Toronto), but have not seen this occur personally, nor even known anyone who has. In fact, the law has since pretty much been forgotten. Not surprisingly—and yes, unfortunately—most of the women who do take advantage of that law are the ones who are huge, saggy, old, etc., not the hot, young girls we were hoping for, and certainly not our own classmates.

I’ve read that similar laws exist in New York and Texas, as well as some other places, but like here, little “good” came of them. Hehe.

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