� Salt-and-Vinegar French-fry Cheese-puffs

Many (many :-|) years ago (probably early 1987), my mother, sister, and I say down to watch Top Gun (on VHS). Obviously my sister and I didn’t find it very interesting because we fell asleep, and woke up later on in the movie. When we woke up, my mother got us a snack (in wooden bowls which we still have), which I have been searching for ever since. I’m fairly sure that my mother had gotten them from Bulk Food (a bulk-foods store, obviously).

The snack was puffy, white, elongated things, something like hickory-sticks, but thicker, like a cross between french-fries and cheese-puffs. They were salt-and-vinegar flavored.

Recently, I actually found a similar product at the dollar-store; it was Krack-o-Pop BBQ fries. I’m not sure if they’re exactly the same texture, but they’re pretty close to what I remember, except for them being BBQ flavored instead of salt-and-vinegar.

Does anyone remember a snack-food like this?

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  1. It turns out that Krack-o-Pop actually makes a salt-and-vinegar version of their BBQ fry-chips. Alack, the dollar-store doesn’t seem to have the s&v variety, so I can’t try them. :-\ At least it’s the first lead I’ve had in decades.

    Krack-o-Pop Salt-and-Vinegar Fries

  2. Apparently I had previously found another product that might be it. I found a file on my drive from 2016 of Smiths Salt ‘n’ Vinegar Chipsticks. Now if only I could find a bag of Krack-o-Pop or Smiths. 😕

    Smiths Salt-n-Vinegar Chipsticks

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