☐/☑ Tobasco ice-cream and air warriors in an (anime?) animated movie?

When I was a child, we rented a children’s movie one day from Jumbo Video during the 1980’s. My mother slept through it, but my sister and I watched it. It was definitely animated, and may have been Japanese/Anime. It was a sort of action-fantasy movie.

I recall that air/wind played an important part in the movie as though the characters were air-warriors or wind-riders, or some such. I also recall an iconic image from the movie (either from the movie itself, or more likely, from the cover of the tape) being of a bunch of characters riding large animals towards the camera with wind and sand blowing behind them (something like the—very—crude drawing below). I forgot to draw it, but in this picture, they were running through some sort of dusty valley, so the picture should have had some cliffs on the sides.

Another uniquely identifying scene I remember was of a boy and girl in a cave, wherein one of them (I believe it was the girl) eat some ice cream that turned out to contain Tabasco/hot sauce/jalapeños, after which she spat it out and gasped for water.

Does anyone know what movie this was?

Cover of unknown anime movie
Possible cover of an old anime movie

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  1. It turns out I’m thinking of two different movies. The part about air-warriors and the cover are from Warriors of the Wind (1985) which was a re-edited version of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984). Unfortunately it does not have hot-sauce on ice-cream, so I’m still searching for an old anime/animated-film in which a girl and a boy are in a cave and one tricks the other by putting hot-sauce on their ice-cream.

    (I’m sure we watched both of these movies on the same day; I probably picked Warriors of the Wind and my sister picked the other one.)

    Warriors of the Wind cover
    Cover of “Warriors of the Wind”
  2. A year or two ago, I watched all of the Studio Ghibli movies, including Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984), and it actually did have a scene with a boy and a girl in a cave, but definitely didn’t have hot-sauce on ice-cream, so the search continues. 😕 (I thought maybe the edited version added the hot-sauce part, but apparently not, it only deleted stuff.)

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