☐ Canister of Plague

There is another movie I remember watching a long time ago that my mother also remembers. Unfortunately neither of us remember enough to identify it. It takes place in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic, Mad-Max type time and place. The main setting is mostly desert with some run down shacks and stuff. The main character was a guy who we could swear was either James Woods or Roy Scheider. He is some kind of scientist or something but a cool one who wears a black leather jacket like a rebel. He has a silver canister like a thermal flask. If I remember correctly, he was not supposed to have it, like he stole it from his lab or something. Apparently it contains some kind of virus or parasite that is extremely dangerous. He runs into a group of punk thugs who mug him and they take and break the canister and release the gas/virus.

That’s pretty much all I remember although I have accidentally incorporated parts of From Beyond into my memory of this movie. Fortunately, I have recently seen From Beyond so I have been able to extract those parts and leave the rest.

Does anyone have any idea what movie this was? The closest I could find is Parasite with Demi Moore, but I’m fairly sure that’s not it.

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  1. One night a few years ago, TCM ran a movie which might very well have been the one I remember. It did indeed have a canister of some sort of virus and I think it also had a muscle-car and desert scene. However, it started with a scene in a normal, non-apocalyptic world in a big lab of some sort.

    Unfortunately for some reason I did not take note of the title.

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