Trans-women shouldn’t compete in women’s sports… because women’s sports shouldn’t exist at all

I don’t understand the controversy about trans-women competing in women’s sports. It’s absurd because women’s sports shouldn’t exist at all. Neither should men’s sports. Nor straight’s sports, gay’s sports, black’s sports, white’s sports, or any other nonsense. What’s next, have athletes compete against only other athletes from their own country? 🙄

The solution to ALL of it is simply to test athletes and give them a skill/ability ranking and have them compete with others of similar skill/ability ranking. You know, the way that CHESS does, or even boxing does with its weight-classes.

Yes, chess, boxing, bowling, darts, etc. all do have gendered leagues, but those aren’t about skill or ability, they’re about social stuff like providing women a safe group for themselves.

There is NO reason that athletes should be segregated based on attributes that have no bearing on the sport. It makes no sense for a skinny man to box against a massive jacked man or a woman to race against another woman who is three times as fast. Sure, some groups might be “better” or “worse” at some sport ON AVERAGE, but that doesn’t mean the ones who aren’t average should be forbidden to compete against people of similar ability. All that accomplishes is to remove the challenge and make a win meaningless. It only makes sense to have people compete against those of similar CAPABILITY, not similar gender or any other irrelevant trait.

DUH. 😒