No Evidence of Time Travel, Still Possible? Maybe

It occurred to me yesterday that I obviously will never acquire the ability to time travel (at least into the past) since I have no evidence of it. After all, if I ever do acquire the ability, then it does not matter at what point I do so (age 30, 60, 100, etc.) since whenever it does happen, I can always go back to any point in the past. The reasoning is that if I do acquire the ability to go back (presumably to help myself make my—uh, our—life better, fix a mistake, etc.), then I would have done so and would know it. It does not matter if it happens tomorrow or 50 years from now; either way if I go back to my past then it has the same effect. Yet, I have never been visited by myself and so I clearly do not ever acquire the ability in my lifetime.

However, that reasoning falls apart because there is no guarantee that if I did acquire the ability, that I would come back to this point or any previous point in my life. It is entirely possible that for example, in 10 years I get the ability and then I come back in time tomorrow morning. Just because I have up until now, never been visited by my future self, does not mean that I do not ever acquire the ability, since I did not need to come back this far. Tomorrow morning however is a different story, something may happen tomorrow morning which requires my intervention and so I will be visited by myself and thus know for sure that I do eventually come across the time-travel technology.

The point is that while there is no current evidence to support the idea that I will ever be able to travel back in time, it does not rule out the possibility since I may just not need to come back this far. This is truly the definition of “you never know what the future holds”, since for all I know, tomorrow I may be visited by myself from the future. It’s impossible to completely rule that out without entirely disproving the possibility of time travel altogether.

One thought to “No Evidence of Time Travel, Still Possible? Maybe”

  1. I think it’s safe to assume now that I never acquire the ability to time-travel. This post was made in 2006; a year later, one of my cats got diabetes, a year after that, the other one got lung cancer and died, then in 2016, the first cat died, and a year after that, my mother died. If I ever manage to get the ability to time-travel, I’d save them. Since they are still dead, I can definitively say that I don’t (at least not freely).

    Having lost my loved ones, life has lost its luster and I am no longer afraid to die, so I can’t imagine coming back in time to save myself but not them. (Also, what could possibly happen to me that would warrant time-traveling, short of dying, which would make it impossible to time-travel in the first place.)

    I still can’t completely rule it out because for all I know, I might end up falling in love or even have children, but even then, I still can’t fathom traveling back to save them but not my mother or cats. Time-travel is extremely powerful, so if I ever did gain the ability, I would figure out a way to ensure that I can have them all in my life. Therefore it’s essentially guaranteed that I don’t.

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