☑ Gigeresque Sci-Fi C64 Platformer

Many years ago, I played a computer-game that I think was on a Commodore 64 (though I don’t see how that could have been possible since I don’t recall actually using a C64, and could swear I played it on my own computer, which would mean DOS 🤔). It was quite colorful (e.g., vibrant 16-color mode) and was a sci-fi platformer with grotesque H. R. Giger like mosnters and visual (think Alien).

I recall you played as a robot (more like the ED-209 from Robocop than Thexder), and there was a large metal pill (like the paddle in Alleyway. I also recall a large red monster face in the corner of the screen (possibly embedded into the floor or wall), facing up at a 45° angle.

I’m certain I managed to look it up several years ago, but I just can’t seem to find it now. I’ve tried various combinations of search queries, but Google Images doesn’t seem to find it. Whatever it is is reminiscent of Starquake. I feel like it was Turrican but a quick search indicates it is not (although it certainly does have some of the red tendrils that fit).

What game is it? 🤔

Starquake is sort of close, but I know Starquake, and it’s definitely not it
Turrican isn’t the one, but it’s close
Starquake has some familiar aspects, but is definitely not it
You play as a robot that looks sort of like the ED-209 from Robocop
I recall a metal pill-shaped thing like the paddle in Alleyway

☐ Old yellowish animated movie like a cross between Hobbit and Dark Crystal

Many (many :-\) years ago, when I was little, my little sister and I spent the weekend in Toronto at her father’s place. I recall that the first night we were there, he had a bunch of people over for a sort of party or whatever, so my sister and I stayed in the bedroom and watched an animated movie. For decades now, I’ve been trying to figure out what movie it was. Here’s a list of everything I can remember about it:

  • We watched the movie on broadcast (OTA) TV in about 1984-1988, so it must be from before then.
  • It was similar to (but not) The Hobbit, a fantasy movie with fantasy creatures.
  • It was similar to (but not) The Dark Crystal, again, fantasy creatures.
  • It’s not Black Cauldron.
  • It was animated (definitely cartoony).
  • It had an overall yellow pallet for its color-scheme.
  • There was a scene in which two of main characters (very much like hobbits) were standing on the top of a cliff and watching an army of bad creatures (which in my mind are like Skeksis), marching through a mountainous pass and trying to figure out what to do or talking about warning someone.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Does anybody have any idea what movie it was?