Pop Exorcism

The power of Feist propels you

One, two, three, four, tell me that you love Christ more
Five, six, nine, or ten, money can’t buy you heaven
Old Christian faith alive in your heart
Demons don’t care, will rip you apart

Singer Leslie Feist as an exorcist
Feisty Exorcist

One thought to “Pop Exorcism”

  1. I tried to use AI to generate an image of Feist as an exorcist but the results were horrible, so I gave up and just photoshopped a couple shot of her head from an interview onto Anthony Hopkins in a scene from The Rite (2011) and put no real effort into making it blend properly, and yet it’s still better than the AI results. Maybe I’ll post some of the abominations the AIs I tried gave, but I doubt that Leslie would be enthusiastic about that. In fact, NOBODY should have to see them. 😬

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