NoTouchEdit edits a file without updating its timestamp.


    FILE is the file to modify

    /COPY makes a copy of the file before editing, then copies the timestamp
from the copy to the modified file. Without this switch, the timestamp is
kept in a variable in memory instead, which requires less disk space and
doesn't add wear to the drive, but if the computer crashes in the moment
between the file being saved and its timestamp being restored, it'll be lost

    /EDITOR specfies the program with which to open the file
      The editor doesn't have to be an interactive program

    /MIN  run the editor minimized
    /MAX  run the editor maximized
    /HIDE run the editor hidden
      Window control might not work with every editor

  e.g.: > NoTouchEdit r:\test.png /hide /editor:crop

        Crops the image "r:\test.png" using a hidden window

  e.g.: > NoTouchEdit x:\foobar.blah /copy /editor:c:\tools\baz.exe

        Makes an empty dummy file "x:\foobar.blah.ntebak" and sets its
        timestamp, opens "x:\foobar.blah" in/with "c:\tools\baz.exe" and
        waits until it exits, restores the timestamp for "x:\foobar.blah"
        and deletes the backup "x:\foobar.blah.ntebak"

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