DriveSpaceMonitor is a program to monitor and warn when disk space falls below a specified threshold.

If the space on a drive runs out, it can cause all kinds of problems from a program crash to catastrophic data loss. Not all programs handle low disk space gracefully, so it’s important to know when a drive runs low as soon as possible. DriveSpaceMonitor sits in the notification area (the system tray), and does nothing as long as there is nothing to worry about, but if the free space on any specified drive falls below a specified threshold, it can start flashing or beeping to get your attention. Sure, you could certainly just check the free space, but this program is a way to get and hold your attention to force you to deal with the low space. It’s a simple program, but necessary; losing data because a program couldn’t save doesn’t have to happen.

Feature List:

  • Specficy a low-space threshold for each of the drives, including ones that are not currently attached
  • Specify which ones are included in the total free-space to quickly see how much total space you have across all (included) drives
  • Choose if the tray-icon should flash and how fast
  • Choose what, if any audio to play, and how often

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