Firefox Popup-Window Titlebar Fixer

Firefox Popup-Window Titlebar Fixer


Firefox has a "feature" whereby popup-windows that have the location-bar or tab-bar removed (minimal chrome), will prepend the page’s domain-name to the titlebar. This clutters the titlebar and pushes the actual page title off which is extremely inconveneint.

Unfortunately there is no way to turn off this function and worse, the Mozilla developers refuse to provide any options for users to control this; they’ve taken on a very Google attitude and deny users the choice, they decide for us. 😒 This isn’t good because web-applciations are the standard now and being able to have them run in a popup window outside of the main browser with minimal browser-chrome is essential these days, and actually being able to see the title is necessary (imagine if every window in the OS prepended a long string and pushed the program’s title out of sight).

We’ve taken the liberty to write a program to patch Firefox to disable this "feature". It would have been much better if the developers had provided users with the ability to whitelist sites like you can with cookies and other permissions, or at the very least, provide a global toggle in the about:config page (there are plenty of advanced options in there that could expose users to security threats, so their excuse that this is for security is specious ¬_¬).


The program looks for Firefox installations then patches browser\omni.ja to remove (comment out) the JavaScript code that prepends the domain to the titlebar if the window doesn’t have the location bar shown. It’s not ideal, and the checksum in the archive no longer matches, but it works just fine and has no other side-effects. You’ll need to re-patch the file every time Firefox is updated, but it’s worth it.

(Currently it only runs on Windows, but may be ported to Mac and *nix in the future.)


Download fixFirefox


Just run the program and it will find and patch all Firefox installations, or you can specify one or more paths where Firefox installations are located to patch those instead (specifying a path will disable automatically searching for Firefox in standard locations; you can run it twice to do both).

Make sure Firefox is not running before running the patch.

fixFirefox [[/? | /h] | /u] [path1] [path2] ...

    -?|-h   Display this usage information
    -u      Undo the patch and restore the 'browser\omni.ja' file
            if backup file is not found, manually revert the patch
    path... The location of a Firefox installation(s) to patch
            specifying paths prevents searching default locations


Firefox popup window with domain-name prepended to titlebar
Firefox popup window with domain-name prepended to titlebar
Firefox popup window without domain-name prepended to titlebar
Firefox popup window without domain-name prepended to titlebar