Thundercats Roar is objectively bad (and harmful)

Thundercats Roar has been almost universally panned since even before it came out (since the first looks a year before it first aired). This makes sense because pretty much everything about it is bad (read horrible); it has no redeeming qualities. The closest it comes to being good is that its irritating theme-song can become a bit of an ear-worm, but one that you want out of your head, so that’s hardly a selling-point. The biggest problems with it are that Lion-O is an obnoxious idiot and that the overly cartoon-y style seems targeted at toddlers (mentally-challenged ones to be specific).

The two attempts at a defense that a few people (i.e., the makers) have tried levying against critics are that it’s a different show and shouldn’t be compared to the original (or the remake), and that it’s not meant for adults who liked the previous installments, but rather for children. The problem is that both of these defenses are specious at best and simply do not hold.

Arguing that it’s a separate show doesn’t work because looking at this show completely separate from the previous ones doesn’t help it because even if the previous shows didn’t exist, this is still a horrible show because it is just mind-numbingly awful. As many have pointed out, the drawing style is unappealing, its frenetic pace is tedious, the characters are unlikable, and the dialog and plots are stupid and puerile.

That last point leads into the second defense, that it’s meant for children. That argument falls flat in the face of the fact that the original show as well as the remake were also meant for children. Therefore, arguing that shows like this are meant for children is implying that children have become stupider over the years. ¬_¬

Sadly, I can’t argue with that. Not only do today’s children seem genuinely worse than all previous generations in almost every way, but most of the cartoons made in the past 10-20 years are clearly meant for stupider children. It might be a chicken-egg situation, but the fact that there do exist kids who aren’t stupid, but whom usually tend to be from parents who take an active interest in their children’s enrichment rather than just letting TV babysit them seems to indicate that these kinds of juvenile cartoons are making kids dumber. 🤦

Therefore, not only is Thundercats Roar objectively bad, it’s also contributing to making children stupid.

There aren’t enough thumbs-down in the world. 😒

“Thundercats Roar” in a gabage can
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