I played Doom 3

In August of 2004, I eagerly played the game Doom 3, but unfortunately, my system at the time was under-powered and could barely run it, so I had to run it at 640×480 with everything down to the lowest possible settings. I ended up playing it with no effects at all and everything was bland, pale, washed-out, and barely textured at all (I still picture it as a bunch of grayish-white, low-polygon, un-textured models in my mind).

In November of 2012, I re-played through all of the Doom games and their mission-packs, and got to Doom 3 in April of 2013. This time, my system was a little better, so I was able to play it with all the settings set to the best and maximum settings at my laptop’s native resolution of 1366×768.

Oddly, looking at the screenshots, the difference is not nearly as stark as I recall. 🤔 I’ve always said that graphics are the least important part of a game. ¬_¬

That is all.

​What? I have nothing more to say about it other than that I played it. 🤷

Actual screenshot from my low-res play-through in 2004
Doom 3 played in 2004 with low settings
Actual screenshot from my high-res play-through in 2013
Doom 3 played in 2013 with high settings