Movie tipping-points

Many movies have a tipping-point where all bets are off, illusions are shattered, past the point of no-return, and the (main) characters realize the problems they have to deal with. Some examples: in horror movies, it’s when the main characters find out about the monster/killer; in dramas, it might be when the person finds out they have cancer; in an action, it could be when they begin the heist and start robbing the bank.

Of course, things could start happening before this point, but the tipping-point is when everything becomes clear to everyone. For example, in a horror movie, characters could be dying right from the start, but other characters continue on in ignorant bliss for some time; it’s when they learn of the threat that the movie has reached the tipping-point.

Some movies have multiple tipping-points, and some don’t really have any at all. It’s surprisingly hard to define it, but many movies have a pretty clear one.

Here’s a list of some movies’ tipping-points.

Wrong Turn 120030:31:321:24:1137.46%They see dead Francine
Wrong Turn 220070:52:171:32:5756.25%They see Kimberly’s tattoo
Wrong Turn 320090:37:581:32:0241.25%Three Toes ambushes them
Wrong Turn 420110:48:081:33:2251.55%They find Porter’s head
Wrong Turn 520120:46:111:30:4850.86%They run over Gus
Wrong Turn 620141:12:231:30:3079.98%They see Bryan being cooked
The Fog19791:01:581:29:4769.02%Dan gets killed
The Fog20051:09:181:43:1467.13%Dan gets killed
The Mist20070:13:042:05:4710.39%Man getting in his car screams
The Possession20121:11:391:32:0077.88%They see face in MRI
Hostel20050:54:351:34:0258.05%Paxton sees dead Josh disection
Hostel II20071:05:551:34:4069.63%Beth sees the room of heads
Hostel III20110:53:381:27:4561.12%Scott and others are kidnapped
Vacancy20070:34:401:25:0040.78%Their room in the video & lights go out
Vacancy 220080:43:351:25:5950.69%They see the tape and get shot at
The Cave20050:37:191:37:1838.35%Jack gets attacked, they see giant claw
Wolf Creek20050:52:551:44:2150.71%Liz wakes up bound
Wolf Creek 220130:25:361:46:1424.10%Rutgar is stabbed (Paul finds Katarina 36:40 34.52%)
Descent20050:58:141:39:5058.33%A crawler attackes them
Descent 220090:24:081:29:5326.85%They see mauled caver (they see cralwer 41:23 46.04%)
The Ruins20080:23:121:33:2524.83%Dimitri is shot (they find Heinrich 25:42 27.51%; they shoot the boy 36:37 39.20%; the plants attack 53:07 56.86%; the plants take Mathias’ legs 1:02:52 67.30%)
You’re Next20110:27:061:34:3128.67%Tariq is shot
Cabin Fever20020:47:461:32:0851.85%Karen starts bleeding
Cabin Fever 220090:52:201:26:0760.77%CDC shoots Principal and everyone coughs blood (0:49:15 57.19% they see bodies in pool)
Cabin Fever 320140:43:051:34:5045.43%Penny bleeds
Cabin Fever20160:51:471:38:2352.63%Karen starts bleeding
Westworld19731:01:501:28:5469.55%John gets killed (0:59:24 66.82% First guest is killed)
We Are Still Here20151:05:331:23:2278.63%Posessed Jacob kills himself in front of them
Evil Dead19810:35:431:25:2441.82%They see Cheryl posessed and floating
Evil Dead 219870:41:191:24:1749.02%They see posessed Henrietta
Evil Dead 319920:46:371:20:4557.73%The flying demon attacks
London has Fallen20160:26:111:38:5726.46%The attack begins
SiREN20160:40:571:22:5049.44%They see Lily get Elliot
Feral20170:16:501:31:3918.37%They find Brie maimed and Matt mauled
Hush20160:19:421:21:4424.10%She realizes that someone is in the house
Haunting19991:28:161:52:4278.32%They see the bed turn into a face
Thir13en Ghosts20010:53:371:30:4859.05%They see the witch ghost
House of Wax20051:13:281:52:3665.25%Paige sees dying Blake
The Woman20110:27:051:43:4326.11%The family sees the kidnapped woman
Bite20151:16:381:28:2286.72%Jared sees (mutated) Casey
Escape Room20190:47:471:39:3447.99%They see Danny drown
Total: 41Average: 50.32%

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