Know your blasphemous meme prayer

Hail Mary, mother of God

Blessed art thou amongst women
And blessed is the Fruit of the Loom
And blessed is the Froot of the Loop
And blessed is the Hoopty Hoop
Nice lady!

Give us this day our daily bread
And toast it in the hearth, as it is unleavened

Forgive us our trespasses,
I swear to your baby-daddy—son I didn’t see the sign
Be a mensch

And lead us not into temptation since Cornhub is free

Pray for us winners, lotteries end badly

I’ll be the man who’ll fight for your honor
Thine is the power, the glory of love

Forever and ever
To Infinity and beyond
Aw, man

Sit, Ubu, sit
Good God

Mmmm, sacrilicious. 😋

An ode to my town prison

Sung to the tune of Starships “We Built This City”

I hate this city
I hate this city
I hate this city,
with all my soul

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The Ultimate Insult

Regardless of the culture or language, most insults and expletives tend to revolve around gross stuff like bodily waste, sexual acts, and familial insults, especially of mothers.

By that logic, the ultimate insult is: I had sex with your mother’s poop! 🍆🤱💩

Wait a second… 🤔 😕

Maybe some things are less than the sum of their parts. 🤷