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Friday, March 10, 2006

[Movies] Blood Transfusion to Cure Vamparism

My family (well at least my mother) and I remember seeing a movie many years ago that we swear was called Lost Boys. It was a vampire movie but not the one with Keifer Sutherland, another vampire movie called Lost Boys—what are the odds of that. Anyway, what we remember is that in this movie, there was a young guy who somehow became a vampire and caught up with a group of trouble making vampire punks. We remember that at the end of the movie, his father and him were holed up in a barn while the other vampires were outside banging on the door to get at them (I suppose to kill them or something). His father gave him a blood transfusion with his own blood to cure his son.

Does anyone know what movie I am thinking of. I have a strong suspicion that it is in fact Near Dark.


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